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The WIDA test administration window is January 4 - March 5, 2020. The test results are scheduled to be delivered to districts in the second week of May, and will distributed from there.

Your WIDA contact is JoLynn Snelgrove 801-567-8419 or

This test is administered to your ELL students who are at LPL levels 1, 2, 3, or 4.

Materials from the WIDA Consortium

WIDA will continue to have a paper-based assessment for Kindergarten as well as the Alternate ACCESS for ELLs assessment (for students with significant cognitive disabilities). These assessments will not change and the training for these two is currently available in the WIDA Training Course, which can be accessed using a WIDA account. Since the grades 1-12 assessments will be all new, new trainings will be posted once they are available in early September 2015.

What is WIDA?

WIDA is a consortium of 35 states. WIDA advances academic language development and academic achievement for linguistically diverse students through high quality standards, assessments, research, and professional development for educators. Each year, WIDA touches the lives of millions of students and educators as it furthers educational equity and success for PreK-12 English language learners."