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Acadience Math

Grade Level: K-3
Content Area: Math
Testing Windows:
• Beginning of Year (BOY): August 22 – September 30, 2023
• Middle of Year (MOY): December 1, 2023 – January 31, 2024
• End of Year (EOY): April 15 – June 6, 2024
Remote Testing Allowed: Yes
Student Data: UTREx – nightly upload
Student Results: Student results require manual entry.  One-on-one testing results will be availble for viewing within 24 hours of testing.  Group quiz results will be available up to one month after the testing window closes.

The Acadience Math assessment is a set of measures designed to track mathematical skills for students in grades K-3 as accurately and as easily as you would track reading skills.  Acadience Math:

  • provides universal screening
  • identifies students needing extra support
  • is sensitive to the effects of targeted intervention

Acadience Math comprises measures of early numeracy, computation and problem-solving that function as indicators of the essential mathematical skills that each student needs to master in order to become successful in mathematics in future grade levels.  These early math measures are:

  • standardized so that every student has an equal opportunity to demonstrate what they know and can do
  • reliable and valid so that every educator may depend upon the resulting data to drive instruction and interventions
  • fast to administer so that assessment time is minimized and instructional time is maximized
  • aligned with the Utah State Core Standards in mathematics

Acadience Math Measures:

Measure Grade Level What it assesses:
Beginning Quantity Discrimination (BQD) Kindergarten Magnitude comparison (the ability to discriminate between two quantities) and subitization (the ability to instantly judge the number associated with a group of items)
Number Identification Fluency (NIF) Kindergarten  1st Grade Mastery and fluency of number identification skills
Next Number Fluency (NNF) Kindergarten. 1st Grade Fluency with strategic counting and the ability to extend the counting sequence starting from a number greater than 1
Advanced Quantity Discrimination (AQD) 1st Grade Magnitude comparison and subitization to a more advanced level beyond BQD
Missing Number Fluency (MNF) 1st Grade Fluency with strategic counting to a more advanced level beyond NNF; specifically, the ability to provide the missing numbere when given three out of four numbers
Computation 1-3 Grade Basic computation skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)
Concepts & Applications 1-3 Grade Basic understanding of mathematical concepts and vocabulary beyond computation and applying that knowledge to solve a variety of mathematical problems


Enroll in a self-paced Canvas course to learn how to administer Acadience Math individual and group measures:

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