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Utah Core Standards Benchmarks

Grade Level: 9-12 (8th grade students enrolled in high school courses (i.e., SMI) will also be rostered)
Content Area: Mathematics (Secondary Math I, II, III; English; Reading; Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science)
Testing Window: August 1, 2022 – June 3, 2023
Remote Testing Allowed: Yes
Student Data: UTREx – nightly upload
Student Results: Available within 48 hours after administration in Pearson Access Next.

The Benchmarks are testlets—typically between 8 and 15 items, depending on the content area—that are designed to give teachers and students an
opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses with specific knowledge, skills, and abilities outlined in the Utah Core Standards, and grouped under overarching strands.

The Utah Core Standards Benchmarks are secure assessments. Educators can review benchmark questions (see Accessing Student Results section) but cannot copy, paste, photograph, place questions into presentations or other assessments, or share test items outside of the classroom instructional level.


In the UT Aspire Plus system (PearsonAccessNext), there is one set of pre-populated benchmark sessions for each Science, ELA, and Math teacher. To access and launch one of these sessions, navigate to the Students in Sessions screen. Then, use the Add a Session button to search for the test session you want. Be sure to double check that all students currently enrolled with you are included in the test session.

English & Reading Benchmarks

English Grade 10 Editing Form A
English Grade 10 Editing Form B
English Grade 9 Editing Form A
English Grade 9 Editing Form B
Reading Grade 10 Informational Form A
Reading Grade 10 Informational Form B
Reading Grade 10 Listening Form A
Reading Grade 10 Literature Form A
Reading Grade 10 Literature Form B
Reading Grade 9 Informational Form A
Reading Grade 9 Informational Form B
Reading Grade 9 Listening Form A
Reading Grade 9 Literature Form A
Reading Grade 9 Literature Form B

Math Benchmarks

Math SMI Algebra Form A
Math SMI Algebra Form B
Math SMI Algebra Form C
Math SMI Geometry Form A
Math SMI Geometry Form B
Math SMI Geometry Form C
Math SMI NQ_F_SP Form A
Math SMI NQ_F_SP Form B
Math SMII Functions Form A
Math SMII Functions Form B
Math SMII Geometry Form A
Math SMII Geometry Form B
Math SMII NQ_A Form A
Math SMII NQ_A Form B
Math SMIII Functions Form A
Math SMIII Functions Form B
Math SMIII Functions Form C
Math SMIII NQ_A Form A
Math SMIII NQ_A Form B
Math SMIII NQ_A Form C
Math SMIII SP Form A
Math SMIII TF_G Form A
Math SMIII TF_G Form B


Science Benchmarks

Biology Standard 1.1 Form A
Biology Standard 1.2 Form A
Biology Standard 1.3 Form A
Biology Standard 1.4 Form A
Biology Standard 1.5 Form A
Biology Standard 2.1 Form A
Biology Standard 2.2 Form A
Biology Standard 2.3 Form A
Biology Standard 2.4 Form A
Biology Standard 2.5 Form A
Biology Standard 2.6 Form A
Biology Standard 2.7 Form A
Biology Standard 3.1 Form A
Biology Standard 3.2 Form A
Biology Standard 3.3 Form A
Biology Standard 3.4 Form A
Biology Standard 3.5 Form A
Biology Standard 4.1 Form A
Biology Standard 4.2 Form A
Biology Standard 4.3 Form A
Biology Standard 4.4 Form A
Biology Standard 4.5 Form A
Earth Standard 1.1 Form A
Earth Standard 1.2 Form A
Earth Standard 1.3 Form A
Earth Standard 1.4 Form A
Earth Standard 2.1 Form A
Earth Standard 2.2 Form A
Earth Standard 2.3 Form A
Earth Standard 2.4 Form A
Earth Standard 2.5 Form A
Earth Standard 2.6 Form A
Earth Standard 3.1 Form A
Earth Standard 3.2 Form A
Earth Standard 3.3 Form A
Earth Standard 3.4 Form A
Earth Standard 3.5 Form A
Earth Standard 3.6 Form A
Earth Standard 3.7 Form A
Earth Standard 4.1 Form A
Earth Standard 4.2 Form A
Earth Standard 4.3 Form A
Earth Standard 4.4 Form A
Chemistry Standard 1.1 Form A
Chemistry Standard 1.2 Form A
Chemistry Standard 1.3 Form A
Chemistry Standard 1.4 Form A
Chemistry Standard 1.5 Form A
Chemistry Standard 2.1 Form A
Chemistry Standard 2.2 Form A
Chemistry Standard 2.3 Form A
Chemistry Standard 2.4 Form A
Chemistry Standard 3.1 Form A
Chemistry Standard 3.2 Form A
Chemistry Standard 3.3 Form A
Chemistry Standard 3.4 Form A
Chemistry Standard 3.5 Form A
Chemistry Standard 3.6 Form A
Chemistry Standard 3.7 Form A
Chemistry Standard 3.8 Form A
Chemistry Standard 4.1 Form A
Chemistry Standard 4.2 Form A
Chemistry Standard 4.3 Form A
Chemistry Standard 4.4 Form A
Chemistry Standard 4.5 Form A
Physics Standard 1.1 Form A
Physics Standard 1.2 Form A
Physics Standard 1.3 Form A
Physics Standard 2.1 Form A
Physics Standard 2.2 Form A
Physics Standard 2.3 Form A
Physics Standard 2.4 Form A
Physics Standard 2.5 Form A
Physics Standard 3.1 Form A
Physics Standard 3.2 Form A
Physics Standard 3.3 Form A
Physics Standard 3.4 Form A
Physics Standard 4.1 Form A
Physics Standard 4.2 Form A
Physics Standard 4.3 Form A
Physics Standard 4.4 Form A
Physics Standard 4.5 Form A


Materials Needed for Test Administration

These materials should be gathered and prepared prior to the benchmark testing day.

  • Student Testing Tickets: Contain the Username and Password each student will use to log in to his or her assessment. Student testing tickets are available to print from the Resources drop-down menu in PearsonAccessnext at Testing > Students in Sessions.
  • Headphones: All students will need headphones to listen to audio in assessments. Students can use text-to-speech to listen to stimuli or test items.
  • Calculator (optional): A Desmos graphing calculator is available onscreen within TestNav. Students may also provide their own calculator or use a classroom calculator that was used during classroom instruction (e.g., graphing calculator). Permissible calculators include 4-function, scientific, or graphing calculators.'
  • Periodic Table for Science: A periodic table is available within the Science online test. Students may select the Exhibit button within TestNav to access it.


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