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Reading Inventory

10/04/2021 - As of last week all passwords for Reading Inventory teacher and admin accounts have been changed. Contact Kira Jensen,, for your new password. Once you are able to login, please change your password using the instructions here: RI Change Password


The Reading Inventory (RI) is a computer adaptive test for students in grades 6-12 that provides an assessment of reading. Results are reported in Lexile reading levels and are used to measure the student's ability to comprehend literary and expository text. All questions are multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank style. The questions require students to recall facts or use inferential skills to identify the best answer choice. The questions are generated from a test bank with over 5000 questions.

Students are presented with questions based on a reading passage. When students answer a question correctly, the next question gets harder; however, if answered incorrectly, the questions gets easier. The questions continue until a strong level of certainty of the test taker’s ability is obtained and a score is provided based on the Lexile Framework for Reading.

RI manages data and reports in the Student Achievement Manager (SAM), the data backbone for all Lexile®-based HMH reading programs. RI, in addition to automatically scoring and analyzing student performance data, provides educators with several reports and letters that support universal screening, instructional placement, progress monitoring, and AYP reporting needs.

Link to the Student Achievement Manager (SAM) Server:
The above link is for students, teachers, and admin. The credentials you enter will take you to either the test, or the SAM server.

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For questions about RI, please contact

  • RI Coordinator Kira Jensen 801-567-8112 |
  • Secondary ELA specialist Joshua Brothers 801-567-8152 |
  • Elementary ELA specialist Mandy Thurman 801-567-8119 |