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ACT Prep Surveys

Dear Parents of Jordan School District Seniors,

In an effort to continuously improve programs offered at our high schools, we would like to solicit feedback from students who have taken the ACT. We will be asking the following questions. Please let us know if you have any questions or additional feedback.

ACT Preparation Survey for 12th Grade

  1. I took the ACT:
  1.  Once.
  2. Twice.
  3. Three or more times.
  4. Not at all.
  1. My 11th grade teacher(s) went over ACT prep in:
  1. My math class.
  2. My English class.
  3. My science class.
  4. None of my classes.
  1. I spent approximately
  1. 1-3 hours preparing for the ACT.
  2. 4-6 hours preparing for the ACT.
  3. 7-10 hours preparing for the ACT.
  4. 11 or more hours preparing for the ACT.
  5. No time at all preparing for the ACT.
  1. Which method(s) of preparation did you use? (You can select multiple responses)
  1. Online ACT prep course
  2. In-person ACT prep course
  3. School-provided ACT prep course (after or during school)
  4. Studied on my own with no prep materials
  5. Studied on my own with online practice materials
  6. Studied on my own using an ACT prep workbook
  7. After-school tutoring from my teacher(s)
  8. Private tutor
  9. Took at least one practice test
  1. How prepared do you feel you were to take the ACT?
  1. Very prepared
  2. Prepared
  3. Unprepared
  1. If your school had offered an ACT prep course, when would you have preferred to take it?
  1. Before school
  2. During school as an elective course.
  3. After school
  4. During-school study time