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Testing window: March 25 – June 14, 2019 (includes all year-round elementary tracks)

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Why test?

Assessments are an essential element in the learning process, allowing teachers and administrators to:

  • Evaluate learning and provide specific feedback
  • Measure student growth and achievement
  • Gauge effectiveness of programs and resources
  • Make instructional and policy decisions

What's new?

  • Only testing grades 3–8
  • New interface, appearance, experience
  • Enhanced reports for individual students, teachers, administrators
  • Writing assessed for 5th and 8th grades only
  • Multistage adaptive format allows students full navigation forward and backward within stages of test

What's the same?

  • Performance level descriptors and scale score used for comparability
  • Aligns with Utah CORE Standards
  • Uses Utah item bank questions developed by Utah teachers
  • Adaptive to level of difficulty and depth of knowledge
  • Interim and Benchmark assessments provided as productivity tools for teachers

Frequently Asked Questions: RISE

Frequently Asked Questions: RISE

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