Our Mission is to:

  • Facilitate professional development in accurate and ethical administration of state and district mandated assessments
  • Ensure the efficient administration of all state and district mandated assessments
  • Provide meaningful assessment data in order to facilitate increased student learning
  • Oversee and coordinate all research activities conducted within Jordan School District


Name   Phone Position
Clyde Mason 801-567-8243 Director
Linda Haas 801-567-8185 Administrative Assistant
Holly Allen 801-567-8115 Psychometrician
Brooke Anderson 801-567-8393 Teacher Specialist
Bekkah Friant 801-567-8112 Testing Support Coordinator
Linda Burnside 801-567-8114 Support Clerk
Karla Martin 801-567-8417 Tester
Gaylene Miller 801-567-8419 Tester
FAX 801-567-8017