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Our Mission is to:

  • Facilitate professional development in accurate and ethical administration of state and district mandated assessments
  • Ensure the efficient administration of all state and district mandated assessments
  • Provide meaningful assessment data in order to facilitate increased student learning
  • Oversee and coordinate all research activities conducted within Jordan School District

Student Data Privacy:

Jordan School District's Data Collection Notice

Jordan School District's 2019-20 Student Data Governance Plan

To submit an app, program, or online software subscription to be vetted for student data privacy, please click here.

Following is a list of third party app, program and online software subscription vendors who have been approved for use in Jordan School District:

Third-Party Application Vendor Approved for Use? Comments
Acadience Reading Amplify Yes
Assessment of Performance Towards Proficiency in Languages (AAPPL) Language Testing International Yes
BASC-3 Pearson Yes
Eastman Adams Photography Eastman Adams Yes
EdPuzzle EdPuzzle Yes
ESGI ESGI Software Yes
Goalview Public Consulting Group Yes
Grammarly Grammarly, Inc. Yes Company's usage age restriction is 13 and older
Imagine Learning Imagine Learning Yes
Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS)?CogAT Riverside Clinical and Standardized Testing Portfolio Yes
iReady Curriculum Associates Yes
Lexia Core5 Reading Lexia Learning Yes
Mastery Connect Instructure Yes
MathSpace MathSpace Yes
Meeting Room Manager Asure Software Yes No student data collected
Mental Health Screening Terrace Metrics Yes
Nearpod Nearpod Yes
Notis Notis Yes
Panorama Panorama Software Yes
Reading Horizons Reading Horizons Yes
Reading Plus Reading Plus, LLC Yes
Reflex Explore Learning Yes
Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) Scholastic Yes
Screencast-O-Matic Team Premier Yes Approved for teacher use only
Seamless WBL NC3T Yes
ThinkCentral Riverside Yes
Typing Club EdClub, Inc. Yes
Typetastic! Typetastic Yes
VoyagerSopris Language Live! Voyager Sopris Learning Yes


Name   Phone Position
Ben Jameson 801-567-8243 Director
Gaylene Miller 801-567-8185 Administrative Assistant
Holly Allen 801-567-8115 Consultant/Grants
Brooke Anderson 801-567-8393 Teacher Specialist
Kira Jensen 801-567-8112 Testing Support Coordinator
JoLynn Snelgrove 801-567-8419 Testing Support
Shannon Johnson 801-567-8873 Testing Support
Linda Burnside 801-567-8114 Support Clerk
Karla Martin 801-567-8417 Tester
FAX 801-567-8017

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