Our Mission is to:

  • Facilitate professional development in accurate and ethical administration of state and district mandated assessments
  • Ensure the efficient administration of all state and district mandated assessments
  • Provide meaningful assessment data in order to facilitate increased student learning
  • Oversee and coordinate all research activities conducted within Jordan School District


Name   Phone Position
Clyde Mason 801-567-8243 Director
Linda Haas 801-567-8185 Administrative Assistant
Holly Allen 801-567-8115 Psychometrician
Brooke Anderson 801-567-8393 Assessment Specialist
Bekkah Friant 801-567-8112 Testing Support Coordinator
Linda Burnside 801-567-8114 Support Clerk
Karla Martin 801-567-8417 Tester
Gaylene Miller 801-567-8419 Tester
FAX 801-567-8017


Hello, everyone. I’m Brooke Anderson, the new Assessment Specialist. I’m excited to be working for the teachers and community of Jordan School District. If there is anything you need, please let me know at brooke.anderson@jordandistrict.org, or at 801-567-8393. I look forward to working with you.