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SAGE Interim

What is the SAGE Interim? It is a SECURE , optional, shorter version of the SAGE. The format and test experience are identical to SAGE Summative, but the questions are drawn from a different test bank and there are fewer of them.  Results from Interim SAGE assessments are available in ORS only, USOE does not collect or report Interim results. Courses have the same test eligibility as SAGE Summative (i.e. there is an SAGE Interim test for Earth Science but not Animal Science).  There are two windows in 2016-2017 for taking a SAGE Interim test and a class can test a maximum of one time per window. Scoring and results are immediate and are predictive of SAGE Summative.

The two windows for SAGE Interim 2017-2018 are

Fall Interim: 8/22/2017 to 12/15/2017

Winter Interim: 1/3/2018 to 3/9/2018

The 2017-18 SAGE Interim Test Administration Manual is available here.

Further details:

  • You choose between Full Reporting Interim (90 minutes, 2 writing prompts) or Class Period Interims (45 minutes, 1 writing prompt)
  • Class Period Interims only offer an overall score, not subscores by reporting category
  • Students can receive Individual Score Reports for Interim results.
  • SAGE Interim has a Test Administration Manual which must be followed.

If you have any SAGE Interim questions, please contact Brooke Anderson at 801-567-8393 or