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SAGE Formative

SAGE Formative is an educational system that allows educators to create assignments and assign them to students in rosters.  Assignments consist of one or more resources.  A resource is a collection of associated activities and stimuli.  Educators may create activities and resources or use existing activities and resources available on the Browse Resources screen.  Students can use SAGE Formative to complete the assignments that educators give to them.  After a student completes an assignment, educators can view the student's scores.  Educators can also view reports that provide information about how students performed on assignments.  -- SAGE Formative User Guide

To assist you in learning about Formative SAGE, AIR has provided the following tools:

Formative SAGE User Guide 2015

SAGE Formative Tutorials on Creating Assignments, Managing Assignments, Reports, Resources, and Rosters --Visit

Student Login Information:  Students will need to use their SSID # for both their Username and Password.