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Grant Approval Process

JSD's Grant Approval Process has been designed to:

  • Identify district resources that might enhance your project and improve its chances for being funded
  • Gain principal support for your project
  • Build district support for your project when district support is a requirement for application

Please complete the District Grant Review Form (District Process) as soon as you know you are applying for the grant and follow the directions. Even if you answer "No" to all ten (10) questions, the application must be approved by your principal. If any of the ten (10) questions are answered "Yes," Holly Allen will contact you with details about the process. When the grant is funded, please forward award notification to Holly Allen at the ASB by district mail or email.

When Does a Grant Proposal Require District Grant Committee Review?

If the grant application requires:

  • Signature from someone above your principal or department head (i.e. someone from the Board of Education, anyone with the title of Administrator, the Superintendent)
  • Matching funds from any source
  • Changes to negotiated agreements or changes to the school day
  • The grant award be paid by reimbursement
  • Multi-year post-grant sustainability

And/or if the project funds will be used for:

  • Substitute teachers
  • Personnel stipends or hourly payment
  • Hiring additional personnel
  • Transportation (includes field trips)
  • Changes or upgrades to facility (electrical, lighting, cabinets, air, mounting equipment, etc)
  • Purchase of technology or additional support for technology

You will need to go through the district process, which may include a grant review by a district committee.

To avoid missing a grant deadline: Call or e-mail the Evaluation, Research, and Accountability Office as soon as you know you want to apply for a grant that will require District Grant Review Committee so the review and signature arrangements can be made in time to meet your deadline: (801) 567-8115 or

Grants Office Services for Projects that Support JSD School Improvement Priorities:

  • Technical assistance to support the development of quality grant applications
  • Grant proposal editing
  • Coordination of district's grant approval process