Explore, PLAN

Thanks test coordinators for another efficient test administration. PLAN and EXPLORE are done!

EXPLORE is administered to 8th graders between 9/14/2015 and 10/2/2015.  Testing coordinators, please communicate with teachers and administration to choose an appropriate date. Once you have your date selected, please email Bekkah Friant at bekkah.friant@jordandistrict.org  and let her know. You can also contact Bekkah at  801-567-8112. Please let Bekkah Friant know your testing dates by August 25, 2015.

EXPLORE Test Coordinator's Checklist

EXPLORE Test Return Schedule

PLAN will be administered to 10th graders on 9/17/2015. This is a PDD day; 11th and 12th graders will not attend. 10th graders will go home after taking the PLAN test. PLAN Test Return Day will be 9/20/15; a schedule will be sent to you. Questions about PLAN? Please contact Bekkah Friant at bekkah.friant@jordandistrict.org or 801-567-8112.

PLAN Test Coordinator's Checklist

PLAN Test Return Schedule

Note: This is the last year Jordan SD will be administering the Explore and PLAN tests. These tests have been discontinued by ACT Inc.