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Assessment to Achievement

The Assessment to Achievement Professional Development (PD) program focuses on effectively using data to improve student achievement. School and district teams who participate in this two year program increase their own expertise in analyzing data and then use the analysis to inform instructional and program decisions that positively influence students and schools.  This program will provide a guaranteed two year opportunity with a possible extension up to four years if funding becomes available.

The deadline to apply for the next cohort is due __________. The application can be downloaded from the USOE Assessment website:

Assessment to Achievement weaves together all the current best practices in supporting educators and students, including the following:

  • Two years of targeted professional development
  • Professional learning communities
  • Assessment literacy
  • Data-based decision making
  • Evidence-based instructional strategy implementation
  • On-site coaching for teachers, administrators, and district leaders

Best of all, Assessment to Achievement is free of charge for all participating schools and districts. For more information, please contact Daron Kennett: